S-Trip! (short for Student Trip) is a travel and tourism company specifically designed to offer high school students the ultimate graduation trip. Over the years, S-Trip! has grown into one of the leading student tourism providers known for first rate, world-class international excursions.

Headquartered in Toronto, S-Trip! was founded more than three decades ago by former teachers with the goal of offering a large group of friends an exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime trip. S-Trip! has continued to grow and now provides a variety of international graduation trips to North American students in both Canada and the United States.


As one of the travel and tourism companies under the I Love Travel banner, S-Trip! works in conjunction with Campus Vacations, The New Breakaway Tours, Stoke Travel, and Unleashed Travel to offer student and youth-focused vacations to local, national and international destinations.

S-Trip! is I Love Travel’s oldest subsidiary business and has facilitated more than 125,000 student travelers on the #TripofaLifetime with S-Trip! Travelers traveling to exotic locales like Cuba, Dominican, the Pacific Mexico, the Grand Bahamas, and Costa Rica.

S-Trip! operates on a 5 mantra principle that was created by company employees in 2012:

1.      Share the journey

2.      Embrace everyone

3.      Make an impact

4.      Bring the fun

5.      Go beyond

Built on the premise of offering an inclusive vacation experience for all travelers, S-Trip!’s mantra of embracing everyone is a crucial component to each vacation. This atmosphere of positivity is further promoted by S-Trip! staff and leaders, who go above and beyond to provide the ultimate vacation, full of fun and excitement.


S-Trip!’s devotion to high-quality student tourism has earned the company a number of awards and accolades. In 2014, S-Trip! was named a finalist for the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of Year Award and since 2011, S-Trip! has been recognized every year as one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies.

The company was also named as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies by Canadian Business Magazine for 2011, 2012 and 2013. S-Trip!’s history of providing youth-focused getaways has earned it and its parent company, I Love Travel, the title of one of Canada’s fastest growing businesses.

In the years since it was established, S-Trip! has grown to also offer cultural exchange and volunteer opportunities, which has allowed S-Trip! to set itself apart from other tourism providers.  Every trip organized by S-Trip! includes opportunities for students to volunteer and give back to the communities they are visiting.

In 2015, 5,300 S-Trip! travelers spent 15,000 hours participating in a variety of company organized volunteer initiatives. By the end of this year, S-Trip! hopes to have facilitated more than 18,000 hours of volunteer work in the many international communities they visit.  


S-Trip! reviews, which are featured prominently on the official S-Trip! website, recount stories of epic adventures like swimming with dolphins and snorkeling on the coral reef. There are also plenty of S-Trip! reviews chronicling the fulfilling volunteer opportunities that travelers have embarked on.  

S-Trip! is able to cater to young travelers because a magnitude of the company’s 500  employees are former S-trip! Travelers themselves. These travel enthusiasts work out of the seven offices around the world to plan, guide and facilitate the #TripofaLifetime.