Frequently Asked Questions


Three reasons: we are close in age, we bring perspectives from the LBGTQ+ and straight communities, and the stories we tell are honest and accessible. We believe friendliness, humour and honest stories are the keys to a safe and stimulating environment. Because of this, we get rave reviews no matter where we go: small towns, big cities; public schools, private schools and catholic schools - friendliness is universal. 


A lot of heart. We bring a mixed group of speakers - both LGTBQ+ and straight - to show multiple perspectives. We incorporate everything from educational info-graphs, original videos (which have been featured on CTV and Global news), and, of course, our own personal stories. We end with interactive activities relating to sharing stories and appreciating others' and their struggles, as well as an anonymous Q&A session where students can ask us anything! 

How long are presentations and how much do they cost? 

Our workshops clock in at about an hour. We prefer individual classes (vs. assembly-style) for optimal participation. We have a cost of $450, which is a per-day cost to help pay for transportation and training for our speaking teams. If this is not in a school's budget, we will always find a way of making the trip. And finally, we love to follow up and work specifically with your GSA/interested students to help them achieve their own goals!   


Nope! We are open to anyone and everyone who wants to spread our message.

What is your favourite thing about Get REAL? 

For all of us here at Get REAL, our favourite thing about Get REAL is the people we have connected with and met over the years. By opening your heart to anyone and everyone, you have the chance to meet amazing people every day, and that's something our quirky family here values over anything else. 

How do I buy your clothing? Especially those pink hats! 

All of our gear can be bought at our store at, and if it's not there, shoot us at email at and we can check if we have your size. 



Just wanted to send a note to express how amazing this organization is. You should all be so proud of yourselves as you all do an outstanding job. Bravo!
You came to my school (West Elgin Secondary School) on Friday... and your presentation was brilliant. As a gay student, I appreciate from the bottom of my heart that there are organizations and presentations like these. I went up after to buy a hat and speak with the presenters, and you were all so kind and approachable.
Thank you so much for your support and again, you are all amazing people who will go so far in life.

West Elgin Secondary (West Lorne) 


Thanks so much for your presentation today, Chris. Please pass our thanks along to Victoria and Tessa, too — you guys were just great and we have had no end of positive feedback about your role in Prayers this morning. We really appreciate you taking the time out to come and speak with the girls — you started some really good conversations that have continued into the classroom and have even inspired some further school-wide work to be done tomorrow morning during our Teacher/Advisor meetings.
I hope we can work together in future, too.

Erin O’Farrell
Teacher, Havergal College (Toronto) 


Hi Chris,

The presentation today was amazing. We felt so honoured to “rate” a presentation equal to that of the safe schools conference. It was amazing to have so many presenters with their unbridled youthful enthusiasm and passion present to the students. The students could relate to the “raw” emotion of the presenters testimonials. I watched their faces during the presentation and they were totally engaged. I wondered how many of them would be changed or make a change for someone else thanks to the good work of Get REAL.
Teachers commented that it was the best presentation they have had for students. Our principal, Mary thought it was amazing. She wants to get hats for all the students and she thinks having the group back would be great. Do you ever do follow-up visits? Hmm--Get REAL is truly a movement.

Thanks to you all for making the world a better place, one school at a time.

Hilary Montgomery-Pumaren
Vice-Principal and JK-Grade 2 Learning Support Teacher, Clara Brenton Public School (London)